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What do you love best about the culture here?

Finally, try getting personal. Find out what brings your interviewer back to work every day. Find out what prevents her from leaving the company and going somewhere else. This example is your best tool as a "final" question to ask toward the end of the interview. Just be sure not to ask it too early. Wait until you've created a connection and built rapport with the interviewer. That way you'll be guaranteed an authentic answer.

Remember: Company culture is everything. You can't work where you don't fit.

Ask a few of these questions on your next interview, and you'll be sure to find the organization that's the right environment for you.

You're not the only person being interviewed. In fact, your perception of a company is equally as important as their perception of you. Here's the reality: You can't work where you don't feel comfortable. You can't thrive where you don't feel at home. And you can't grow where you don't feel welcome. Therefore, the culture of the company you're applying for carries tremendous weight on your decision to work there.

Scott Ginsberg, writing for TheLadders explores seven questions you should ask about corporate culture, along with an explanation of what makes them work. Consider asking a few of these on your next interview.

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