Five Signs It's Time to Change Your Financial Software

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Five Signs It's Time to Change Your Financial Software

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UNIT4 CODA, Inc., a division of UNIT4, a leading provider of business software for fast-changing organizations, recently released guidelines to help companies determine when it's time to change their financial software. According to a recent survey conducted at CFO Leadership Summit, financial executives said that the biggest challenges they face with their financial systems are a lack of real-time reporting and poor integration with other systems in their organization.

"The financial system is the backbone of every organization, providing the data that is critical for analyzing and reporting profitability, sales and expenses," said Steve Pugh, CEO of UNIT4 CODA. "Unfortunately, many organizations don't have one single integrated system that can provide real-time visibility into their finances, but rather have data in disparate systems. This makes it impossible for them to know what's really going on in their organizations."

Other challenges CFOs cited include their system's inability to adapt to change, complex financial tables, poor ease-of-use, minimal support, and features that are less than comprehensive.

Based on these insights and UNIT4 CODA's experience with thousands of customers, the company offers the following signs that it is the time to improve financial management and change your accounting system.

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