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Fourth, keep the Big Picture in mind while you focus on a few problems. Even though you’re going to start small, think bigger. For instance, the trend is toward self-service business intelligence, in which end users can conduct their own research. This will be a huge focus in Big Data analytics, according to Lyndsay Wise, a TechTarget contributor.

“Having a robust IT infrastructure that can handle large data sets and both structured and unstructured information is important, of course,” she writes. “But so is developing a system that is usable and easy to interact with, and doing so means taking the varying needs of users into account. …That requires different levels of interactivity that match user expectations and the amount of experience they have with analytics tools …”

Recently, Loraine Lawson looked at what it takes to get real about Big Data, including a look at the people and roles you'll need and why experts say a business plan is uniquely important with Big Data. In this slideshow Loraine features six tips experts say will help you formulate a business plan for Big Data.

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