Why Embedded BI Use Is Accelerating

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Why Embedded BI Use Is Accelerating

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Could your application benefit from instant analytics? The capability to embed business intelligence into any production application has been around for a long time, but according to a new Aberdeen report, adoption seems to be spiking as end-users now require a better understanding of their corporate and customer data.

“Today’s companies need to quickly harness more actionable information from a potential deluge of data,” said Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile. “By making analytics available on-the-spot within familiar applications, more companies are able to derive better decisions without needing to train their workforce on new analytics software.”

This slideshow uses results from a recent Aberdeen study to describe why embedded BI is more popular than ever and where it has become most prevalent. We also talked with Brian Gentile for more insights on where and why to use embedded BI.

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