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Most companies take either a vendor-provided approach or a hybrid approach. The homegrown approach can seem less costly in the near-term than the other two approaches, but requires substantial IT expertise as well as a long-term commitment to maintain and enhance the BI functionality.

The hybrid approach allows companies to rely on the BI vendor for maintenance, support and continued innovation, but still requires maintaining the integration of BI as their application and the BI tool evolve.

The vendor-provided approach really requires the application developer to choose the right BI platform partner. A BI platform that is easily embedded and customized, includes the right amount of BI functionality and can scale and deliver cost-effective analytic insight can become a powerful addition to nearly any software application.

To learn more about Embedded BI check out this eBook on the five levels of Embedded BI or Jaspersoft’s webinar on the subject.

Could your application benefit from instant analytics? The capability to embed business intelligence into any production application has been around for a long time, but according to a new Aberdeen report, adoption seems to be spiking as end-users now require a better understanding of their corporate and customer data.

“Today’s companies need to quickly harness more actionable information from a potential deluge of data,” said Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile. “By making analytics available on-the-spot within familiar applications, more companies are able to derive better decisions without needing to train their workforce on new analytics software.”

This slideshow uses results from a recent Aberdeen study to describe why embedded BI is more popular than ever and where it has become most prevalent. We also talked with Brian Gentile for more insights on where and why to use embedded BI.

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