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It’s a given that, however much money, time and technology you have, your website will never be 100 percent secure. The brutal fact is that in a world of good and bad guys duking it out in cyber space, your website will eventually fall prey in the endless one-upmanship battles.

Hackers are constantly looking for and discovering security flaws in systems that were once thought secure. The time between these discoveries and the required patch software will make you vulnerable for a successful attack. Make no mistake, hackers have already probed your systems, characterized your software and are poised to take advantage of any zero-day vulnerabilities that might open you up.

Keep in mind the fact that Internet giants like Epsilon, Lockheed and the DOW Stock Exchange have been successfully breached it is an adage in the security world that if someone wants your data bad enough, they will eventually get it.

But, even though total website security is a myth don’t think you shouldn’t try. Hacker skills range from inept script kiddies running downloaded programs to teams of well-funded hackers supported by foreign nations. Your goal should be to get yourself as far up the food chain as possible by making your website as secure as possible the script kiddies will bounce off, and chances are China is spending its time stealing state secrets.

Protecting your website from hackers is tough. The battle between the good guys (you) and the bad guys (the hackers) is an ever escalating war where a misstep on your part may mean a breached site. But, many companies fail to even make the first step towards security because of misconceptions and security myths, either believing simple security protections are sufficient or thinking they really do not have to worry about hackers. This slideshow features five common Web security myths, identified by Alan Wlasuk, managing partner at 403 Web Security, a subsidiary of WDDinc.

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