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Antivirus will always play a role in endpoint secu­rity, no matter how loudly some pundits proclaim its demise. While AV certainly has its limitations and should not be the only component of your organization’s endpoint protection, it is a neces­sary — but not totally sufficient — element to keep machines running smoothly by clearing them of known malware. When used as a part of a defense-in-depth strategy, this fundamental ca­pability removes many vulnerabilities, and gives other tools more headspace to zero in on sophis­ticated attacks left undetected by AV.

Quick Tip: Tune AV for a Balance of Performance and Security

A common mistake many organizations make is to rely solely on AV, adjusting its protection settings so high that endpoint performance is abysmal. Antivirus is an effective and funda­mental clean-up tool, keeping machines run­ning smoothly by clearing endpoints of well-known malware. As a result, it allows the other layers to detect more sophisticated attacks without that clutter, allowing you to achieve a more effective and productive balance of se­curity and performance.

In this increasingly mobile world, today’s endpoint rarely remains confined in the office and behind the corporate firewall. The modern endpoint is moving. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or a smaller device, they connect to corporate networks after plugging into ho­tel computers and coffee shop wireless connections. What’s more, these very mobile devices generally contain more sensitive, corporate data than ever.

Today’s IT department needs to protect these corpo­rate endpoints as much as possible, preventing costly malware outbreaks and data breaches, and keeping the company name out of the headlines. This slideshow features five tips, identified by Lumension Security, Inc., to help even the busiest IT pro stay on top of endpoint security, even as the barrage of attacks intensifies.

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