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Many organizations have not yet explored Microsoft’s recommended externalization capabilities, Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) and External BLOB Storage (EBS), and, therefore, are missing out on significant storage and related performance benefits. 

By taking advantage of Microsoft’s data externalization features, SharePoint administrators are able to move large, old and unused data from a SQL server content database to secondary, less expensive repositories, all while keeping the data accessible to end users via SharePoint.

Rapid user adoption is positive for any organization leveraging SharePoint for content collaboration and version control. As user adoption increases, however, so does the amount of data that must be stored in SharePoint. Content overload can wreak havoc on SharePoint infrastructure, and can become a leading cause of poor performance not to mention the corresponding management headaches. For example, as the amount of content steadily increases, so does the need to scale database capacity and SQL Server processing power to ensure that performance matches user demand. When this happens, organizations face a dilemma: cope with poor SharePoint performance, or bite the bullet and buy additional SQL storage space and computing power to catch up with demand. Luckily, there is a third alternative.

Quest Software, a leading provider of SharePoint tools for the enterprise, has identified five common storage performance killers in SharePoint that organizations fall victim to, and suggests an easy, cost-effective alternative for resolving SharePoint content overload data externalization.

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