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Are you using video to stand out?

Professional or DIY video. Those used to be two different options for getting video produced professional or DIY. Now, you can have both. For example, Distance Record from videoBIO (disclosure: videoBIO is a partner of Arruda’s company, Reach Personal Branding) allows you to record your own video in your home and send the video file to them for editing. In addition, you can have a producer on your computer screen directing you through the video. In the past, there were two things standing in the way of using video to build your brand: 1. Self-produced video looked amateurish and didn’t always create the best impression; and 2. Studio shoots produce professional video but they come at a cost and are time-consuming. These new, hybrid services will certainly increase the use of video as a way of building your brand.

What does this mean for you?

Video is a differentiator. It helps you stand out in a job search. It allows you to deliver a complete communication. Produce a video bio. First, write your branded bio (combining your credentials, experience and successes with your personality and passions). Then, create a script. Practice, don’t rehearse. Then work with an organization to get a high quality video produced. Upload your final video to YouTube, and other video sharing sites, and use the app in LinkedIn to embed your video bio in your LinkedIn profile.

William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding and author of "Career Distinction" and the upcoming book, "Ditch. Dare. Do!,"  has been in the business of helping people build their brands for a decade and each year, he publishes his personal branding trends for job seekers. Take a look at this year’s trends, posted on TheLadders, and decide which will help give you an edge and attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

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