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You own your data. Where/how you store it in the public cloud doesn’t change that. When you’re floating in a public cloud, there are no absolutes. Your data is your own, as long as a regional government overseeing the geography in which a data center resides agrees. But that wouldn’t happen in a first-world country, right?

Public cloud hosting providers cannot guarantee Big Brother won’t look over your shoulder — for reasons that have nothing to do with you. Last year, Microsoft UK — citing the U.S. Patriot Act — admitted it could not prevent government entities from obtaining cloud-hosted customer data, even without those customers’ permission.

The private cloud approach skirts this gray area. When the real-world enterprise owns the cloud, government oversight is at the level of the corporation, not the data. And that means no one will look over your shoulder, at least without a warrant.

Public cloud evangelists trumpet the flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency benefits of platform as a service (a.k.a. PaaS). Some take it a step further, decrying and "FUDing" the private cloud alternative. But critics of private cloud — often evangelizing for the sake of their own self-interest — choose to ignore the advantages of a private cloud approach.

The truth: Private cloud represents a better solution for the real-world enterprise. The real-world enterprise demands security, flexibility and control, and the private cloud delivers. There are many reasons to “go private.” Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState has identified the top 10.

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