Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Data Backup Vendor

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Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Data Backup Vendor

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The volume of data generated by most companies has grown at such an explosive rate that many data centers have simply run out of space, power, cooling and storage capacity to handle it. In large enterprise organizations with “big backup” environments, the sheer volume and variety of data to be protected requires a level of performance and scalability that few data protection technologies can deliver.

Jeff Tofano, CTO, SEPATON, Inc., recommends large enterprises look closely at the strengths and weaknesses of deduplication technologies to choose a solution that best meets the needs of big backup environments.

“Data center challenges of keeping up with exponential data growth within budget, space, power and cooling constraints are being compounded by increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and business initiatives demanding higher service levels, longer online retention times and higher levels of data protection,” said Tofano. “There are several deduplication technologies available to meet the needs of small to medium-sized organizations. However, for large enterprise organizations with big backup environments, most deduplication technologies fall short resulting in costly, inefficient capacity reduction and time-consuming administration. Understanding the distinctions among these technologies is essential for choosing the most appropriate one for big backup.”

Tofano recommends that large enterprises ask their backup technology vendor the following ten questions to help them gain a clear understanding of the strengths and drawbacks of each option so that they can choose one that best meets their big backup requirements.

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