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Top six retail jobs with salaries:

  1. e-Commerce Analyst: $93,000 - $126,000
  2. BI Developer: $108,000 - $121,000
  3. SAP Developer: $84,000 - $121,000
  4. Mobile Developer: $101,000 - $115,000
  5. Data Architect: $89,000 - $114,000
  6. Front End Developer: $62,000 - $104,000

The fast-moving business landscape and the rapid adoption of disruptive technologies have changed business as we know it. In the IT landscape, we’ve experienced some fundamental shifts in enterprise technology in the areas of mobile, Big Data, cloud computing and user engagement. These innovations have not only changed the enterprise but also the makeup of its workforce, igniting staffing budgets and the job market for IT pros.

This year, IT managers in all industries will experience the challenge of hiring and retaining top tech talent. As demand for hot technology skill-sets increases across every industry, the market for talent has become very competitive. With the retirement of baby boomers and a nationwide talent gap, the pool for IT pros and leaders is shrinking fast.

This slideshow features this year’s top placements by industry, based on year-over-year growth in demand, as identified by Bluewolf.

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