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The popularity and ease of deployment of Microsoft SQL Server has led to the proliferation of SQL Server databases throughout many businesses. In some cases, departments have often been able to install and deploy their own databases without necessarily going through the normal controls of the IT organization. This type of approach is no longer tenable.

Organizations, large and small, need to be able to centrally manage their SQL Server environments to ensure that company-wide information is current and shared where needed throughout the organization. Reducing database sprawl is also essential to putting in place the processes to ensure that critical information is secure, properly backed up, fully compliant and available on time to those who need access to it and can act upon it, whether employees, managers, customers or partners.

The latest generation of HP ProLiant G7 servers combines intuitive, integrated technologies and easy-to-use software with AMD Opteron™ 6200 Series processors to help administrators optimize workloads, accelerate virtualization and process more data in less time.

This slideshow will explore the ways that HP ProLiant G7 servers change the economics of server purchasing decisions and explore how these servers can help businesses with some of the virtualization projects they will be considering in the near future.

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