Top Outsourcing Trends for Q3 2011

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Top Outsourcing Trends for Q3 2011

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According to research from the Everest Group, market activity was higher in Q3 2011 with 46 new service delivery centers set up across both captives and service providers, as compared to 38 new delivery centers set up in Q2 2011. While Asia continued to account for more than half of location activity, there was significant activity in Eastern Europe. Africa, too, witnessed traction with five delivery centers set up in the location. Activity in Latin America marginally increased compared to the previous quarter although it was still lower than the quarterly average for 2010.

India dominated the landscape with 16 new delivery centers. Other leading countries that reported significant offshore activity were China and Ghana with six and three delivery centers, respectively.

Among emerging destinations, there were three delivery centers reported by leading buyers and service providers in Ghana. Despite political turmoil in recent months in Northern Africa, players have continued to demonstrate interest from sub-Saharan Africa.

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