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To launch a successful social care program, TELUS recommends defining the vision and objectives, and building a cross-functional team that’s working toward a common goal. It may include people at all levels and departments. At a minimum, the team should have representatives from the following departments outside of customer service:

  • Marketing — Promote social support, provide brand briefing on acceptable communication style
  • Legal — Define social media policies that govern agent responses
  • HR — Define hiring profiles and set training standards for social agents

According to TELUS, Dell exemplifies this strategy — when its Social Media Command Center launched in December 2010, Dell’s Chief Blogger announced that “over 5,000 Dell employees have been trained in social media, and many of those are listening and engaging with customers as part of their jobs.”

A tremendous new customer service opportunity has emerged with the adoption of social media by consumers and the ability for companies to effectively listen to and track conversations about their brands. TELUS International calls this activity “social care,” and it’s defined as the efforts employees make through social media to care for customers. Interestingly, these efforts aren’t necessarily confined to traditional contact center agents working in customer service departments. They are finding some companies empowering not only their well-trained customer service representatives, but also a select group of engineers, product managers and even executives. Tapping into the larger talent pool is one of many strategies companies are using to provide positive customer experiences on the social Web.

Several best practices emerge from research conducted by TELUS International. Some of these practices are already being effectively employed at benchmark companies while others are underutilized practices that represent opportunities for companies to expand and improve their social care efforts.

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