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Although Big Data has definitely been overhyped, companies will soon make smarter decisions by using analytics to comb through huge amounts of data. Instead of making hypotheses, performing analyses, and reaching conclusions that are often wrong, regular business users can use data visualization tools such as Tibco Spotfire to gain a quick understanding of where decision drivers lie in large data sets.

Soon, analytics tools will think ahead for decision makers by looking at huge stores of data from a variety of sources and finding the connections that can fix problems or increase revenues, and analytics will become part of the desktop toolkit for all knowledge workers. For the really big problems, data appliances will enable even those on a budget to harness rapid-fire data-based decision making. This is one area where we’ll continue to see innovation (like integration of field-programmable gate arrays), mergers and acquisitions (like IBM’s Netezza grab), and new product and pricing models (like Oracle’s new database appliance.

Tight capital budgets, the European banking crisis, and the unending U.S. budget debate make predictability – and taking on less risk – even stronger themes for 2012. In the technology world, mobility, the cloud, and big data (very large data sets and their related challenges) are a few of the trends driving Nucleus Research’s 2012 predictions.

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