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Nucleus continues to see strong investment in CRM and related applications, as companies seek to retain their most profitable customers and attract new ones. Many companies are still struggling to optimize customer experiences while creating their presence in a virtual world – and encouraging customers to friend you on Facebook is not enough. Savvy marketers recognize that every customer interaction is an opportunity to gain – or lose – business. They target customers based on rapid analysis of behavioral and other data, touch them on a regular basis using the most effective channels, and treat them as individuals that are important to their business.

However, not all companies are that savvy, and the challenge of the new customer experience is that it’s not an isolated one-to-one interaction – a bad customer experience can go viral just like those skateboarding dog videos. Ensuring consistent interaction with customers across multiple channels is just the beginning. Nucleus expects to see more investment in analytics, activity monitoring, and big data crunching as companies aspire to the perfect combination of targeting, touching, and treating their customers. Companies will also have to address security and identity management questions so customers will trust them as they navigate the evolving social and mobile cloud community, where boundaries between personal and professional are not always well defined.

Tight capital budgets, the European banking crisis, and the unending U.S. budget debate make predictability – and taking on less risk – even stronger themes for 2012. In the technology world, mobility, the cloud, and big data (very large data sets and their related challenges) are a few of the trends driving Nucleus Research’s 2012 predictions.

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