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Online ID registration fraud: Overstating how many users a site or service really has. Fraudulent accounts ranged from a low of five percent to an astonishing 40 percent on audited sites. The percentage depended on the site, perceived account value to spammers, and ease of account registration.

A new quarterly index based on data collected by social spam fighter Impermium finds social Web spam and abuse is now posing significant reputation risk and cost to Internet businesses that depend on public user profiles.

"Most companies will be shocked to see how rampant user registration fraud is on their site," says Mark Risher, CEO of Impermium. "Bulk accounts for most popular social networks can now be purchased on the black market for pennies. This type of fraud has many significant ramifications, including a company's ability to accurately value its user base and determine the actual cost of new customer acquisition."

The data comes from the inaugural Impermium Social Spam Index, the industry's first resource for regularly published data on social Web spam and abuse trends. The following trends are based on a 100-consecutive-day sample of the social Web between June and August, conducted by researchers at Impermium Corporation. Impermium analyzed 104 million pieces of user-generated content (UGC) on social networks, blogs and social bookmarking sites from a base of 90 million users spread across 72 countries.

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