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The Market Activity Heatmap classifies countries in terms of their maturity for supporting global services. Brazil was elevated to the category of “Mature location” during Q1 2011, an elite group previously consisting of India, the Philippines, and China. Market activity during Q2 2011 was high in India, Poland, and Ireland.

Based on recent research from the Everest Group, the offshore services market witnessed 38 new delivery centers set up across captives and service providers during Q2 2011. This is marginally higher than the 35 centers set up in Q1 2011, the first quarter of the year typically having less activity.

India dominated the landscape with nine new delivery centers. Other notable countries that saw activity were Ireland and Poland, with six and four delivery centers respectively.

Among emerging destinations, there were delivery centers reported by buyers and service providers in Nicaragua, Senegal, Tanzania, Mauritius, and Kenya. Despite political turmoil in recent months, activity was also reported from Egypt with a leading global service provider opening a new center in Cairo.

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