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What to put in, what to leave out? Businesses often make the mistake of choosing inappropriate applications to move into public clouds. In a public cloud, businesses are taking their internal IT assets – oftentimes their users’ desktops, which are huge consumers of IT resources - and moving them into another provider’s service to save money. The problem is that they are moving the end-user experience farther away from the user. It may well save the company money, but at what price? IT pros must remember to consider the impact on performance and user experience as well as the bottom line in every cloud decision they make.

The term “cloud” has become one of the most commonly used and most often misunderstood words in IT today.  According to Logicalis, an international provider of integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services, when a company doesn’t fully define what the cloud can do for it, it leads to a less-than-optimized strategy that underserves the organization. To help IT pros avoid common pitfalls, Logicalis has identified five mistakes companies make in their cloud strategies.

“If you ask 10 people to define ‘the cloud,’ you’ll get 30 answers,” says Steve Pelletier, cloud solution architect at Logicalis.  “Cloud is a buzzword; you hear commercials and advertisements all saying ‘Cloud, cloud, cloud.’  But it’s not a well-defined term and that leads to people not fully understanding the enormous opportunities that cloud computing can offer their businesses today.  When businesspeople – even the most experienced IT pros – have a limited view of this nebulous term, ‘the cloud,’ it’s hard for them to make the best decisions for their companies.”

Companies that fail to explore all the options may be leaving valuable services untapped and potential savings unrealized.  Pelletier says there are five significant ways businesses today are missing out on the full potential of the cloud.  And identifying and understanding these potential pitfalls is the key to avoiding them.

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