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Sony unveiled two Android tablets. Codenamed the S1 and S2, both tablets will be equipped with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processors and the latest version of Android Honeycomb. Each tablet features distinctive form factors; the S1 has a tapered slate design and the S2 has a dual-screen clamshell design.

Sony's unique designs go against the current Android tablet grain and the company doesn't plan to stop there. On the software side, both tablets will feature Quick View, which is designed to load Web pages faster than the standard Android browser. The S1 and S2 have been optimized for scrolling, are PlayStation-certified and will include Sony Reader and Qriocity services.

It is the iPad’s world and other tablets are just living in it. That, of course, has not stopped device makers from introducing a slew of new offerings as the role of tablets in the enterprise continues to evolve.  The saving grace of some client hardware vendors trying to keep up with the iPad, or avoid it altogether, may be the emergence of business-class tablets.  In an update to our most recent coverage of tablet offerings, we’ve highlighted seven new tablets, some of which are looking to compete with the iPad through differentiation and some of which are seeking to carve specific niches in particular sectors of the enterprise.

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