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A user’s overall experience with and impression of a brand in the digital space, while difficult to quantify, affects that brand’s bottom line in ways the brand might not even recognize.

When a top-five global management consulting firm engaged Siteworx for website redesign, its perception was that potential clients were not utilizing the site to evaluate or purchase their services. Rather, the company believed that referrals were coming from contacts within its business network and from colleagues of clients. When Siteworx spoke with contacts at the Fortune 100 companies who composed the consultancy’s client base, however, a different portrait emerged.

While initial referrals mattered, 80 percent of prospective clients were relying on the corporate website to identify the firm’s primary lines of business, expertise and examples of thought leadership, such as white papers. Through this analysis, the firm recognized that an unpolished brand experience online, even though the site itself was not necessarily generating conversions, could be a disqualifier for their highly-selective business buyers.

Leading brands should recognize that for many buyers — both business and consumer — their website is the modern-day equivalent of a well-designed business card in the hands of their sales team. Your buyers will most likely seek you out online and will develop perceptions about the quality of your products and services based on what they find–WCM implementations enable brands to control their brand presence, regardless of the number of sites or sub-brands within their brand family.

Companies in a variety of vertical industries are rapidly adopting Web content management (WCM) systems, and every vertical has a unique set of business drivers. Media and entertainment companies turn to WCM for content delivery and monetization (digital advertising, digital video, digital signage, in-game advertising, podcasts, etc.), while global brands are investing in WCM to extend their brands digitally both far and wide (i.e., cross-device/platform, social media, transactional marketing, etc.). Financial services, government, business-to-business (B2B), manufacturers, and healthcare/pharmaceutical companies are also investing heavily in the WCM category.

According to Siteworx, Inc., an interactive agency specializing in WCM and CMS deployment, search and analytics, while there’s still room for significant growth in the category, by all accounts, we’re entering the late-majority phase of WCM adoption. Businesses that fail to seriously consider how a WCM solution can drive business value will soon find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage.

WCM represents a significant investment, which is why a comprehensive understanding of return on investment (ROI) measurement is vital. Ideally, companies will conduct an initial ROI calculation prior to their first implementation. This calculation can be difficult given the significant unknowns associated with re-engineering business processes and understanding target audience needs. However, an attempt should be made to create a baseline from which to assess future scope and enhancement decisions.

This slideshow features the key areas Siteworx recommends examining when calculating WCM ROI.

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