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Amazon has not made a big secret of the fact that it plans on entering the tablet market most likely with a competitively priced Android tablet appearing early this fall. Could Amazon be Android's knight in shining armor that could help Android create a stronger presence in the tablet market? When the study asked consumers which manufacturer they would most likely buy a tablet from, Retrevo was surprised to see a high percentage of potential tablet buyers putting Amazon (55 percent) at the top of their list. It is possible that some respondents confused Amazon the manufacturer (Kindle) and Amazon the reseller, but in any case it looks likely that consumers prefer an Amazon branded tablet over ones from more established tablet manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola.

If Amazon does, in fact, enter the tablet market with a low cost Android tablet this fall, they might be able to change the playing field to a lower margin one where Apple would be less able to compete. Could a low cost Amazon Android tablet present one of the first serious contenders to the iPad? Based on the latest Retrevo Pulse Report, it appears that consumers are ready to buy a low cost tablet and are very keen on one from Amazon.

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