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Will the lack of 4G hurt Apple iPhone sales?

The answer to the question of whether the lack of 4G in the next iPhone will prevent consumers from buying one is probably not, at least among current iPhone owners. Sixty-one percent of current iPhone owners say they don't care if the new iPhone has 4G, and will buy or consider buying the next iPhone regardless of 4G. That's good news for Apple, as rumors say not to expect an Apple 4G iPhone until 2012. The survey responses also show that Android owners are a loyal group, with only 20 percent saying they would buy or consider buying a new iPhone, 4G or no 4G. On the other hand, BlackBerry owners look like potential defectors, with 41 percent saying they'll buy or consider buying a new iPhone with or without 4G.

As Verizon continues to roll out its 4G LTE network across the country at an accelerated rate and AT&T also picks up speed in its 4G deployment, it would seem that widespread 4G adoption is a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately, it looks like consumers may be so confused over 4G that they have become hesitant to move to 4G, at least in the near term. In a recent Retrevo Gadgetology study, less than a quarter of the respondents say they're going for 4G. With so many potential 4G customers expressing concerns about cost and performance, providers of 4G phones and services could be in for some disappointment.

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