The Cloudy State of IT in the Average SMB Organization

  • The Cloudy State of IT in the Average SMB Organization

    The Cloudy State of IT in the Average SMB Organization-

    Of those that do, cost is cited as number-one reason.

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The Cloudy State of IT in the Average SMB Organization

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There’s a perception that small to medium-sized business (SMBs) don’t place a premium on the value of IT. In fact, the perception is that most of them are anxious to outsource as much as possible of it to one cloud computing service or another.

But a new survey of 525 decision makers in SMB organizations from Zoomerang, a service for managing surveys online, finds that not only do most SMBs think they do a good job or better of managing IT, the vast majority have no plans to embrace cloud computing. While 10 percent said they have deployed some form of cloud computing, only 2 percent of the remaining said they would this year.

That, of course, may have something to do with the cloudy nature of the value of cloud computing. But if most potential customers for cloud computing services are not interested or simply don’t get the point, it suggests that the IT industry as whole might be in for a difficult time, especially when the survey finds that 44 percent said they have no current plans to upgrade their IT in place.

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