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Outside expertise is going to be required.

Fully seven in ten stated that improving the efficiency of information management processes in the organization would have a significant impact on performance and profitability. The vast majority of companies (76 percent) confirm that at least a large improvement in the efficiency of their IM process could be achieved if they were able to better streamline or significantly improve their information storage systems and processes, and the same, high proportion of firms also indicated that at least a large improvement in the efficiency of their IM process could be achieved if they were able to automate the processes of removing unneeded or unwanted information throughout the organisation.

A vast majority of companies (85 percent) do no currently use third party assistance to help capture the business critical information needed, and only approaching one third use third party support to assist with storing business critical information. The vast majority of companies cite that with more support from third parties in all areas of the business cost decreases could be seen in information management.

One of the dirty little secrets of enterprise IT is that information is not all that well managed. IT organizations process and store data. But rarely is there a holistic approach in place to manage it. The end result is that IT costs spiral out of control.

A new survey of 641 business and IT leaders, conducted by the market research firm Coleman Parkes on behalf of Hewlett-Packard, finds that there is broad recognition of the problems associated with information management, but very little consensus about what exactly should be done to alleviate it.

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