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Twenty-eight percent of white collar workers say they have to remember more than five passwords just for work, and 26 percent reported they have to change each password they need for work at least once a month. Fifty-nine percent say they become stressed or angry when they can’t access a system needed for work due to a lost password.

IT professionals agree that employees are overloaded by the number of passwords needed for work. Sixty-three percent say they are expected to remember too many passwords. Sixty-one percent feel that although companies are strengthening password policies (through more complex passwords, etc.), this makes it more difficult for employees to get their jobs done.

On average, IT professionals have to remember nine unique passwords just for work.

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Quest Software, U.S. workers and IT professionals agree that multiple passwords, used to access everything from websites to business applications such as HR or CRM systems, now make it more difficult for employees to get their jobs done.

More than 60 percent of those polled said that while companies are strengthening password complexity policies, the need to manage multiple passwords is a burden. In fact, 28 percent of U.S. white collar workers said that they must remember more than five passwords for work, while IT professionals must manage, on average, nine separate passwords. The result of password overload is added workplace stress and feelings of frustration when workers can’t access a system due to a lost password. Fifty-nine percent said they become stressed or angry when they lose a password or get locked out of program at work.

From a security perspective, 10 percent of IT professionals said they can still access accounts and systems associated with a prior job. This access increases an organization’s risk of threats that could take down the entire infrastructure, all because a former employee’s access was not terminated.

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