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Solving a typical content management business problem requires the integration of multiple technologies like document management, workflow, scanning, capture and e-mail management as well as other tools and technologies. An on-premise software application requires you to install and implement all of these as well as the software.

With extensive Web services, cloud platforms allow trouble-free integration between other cloud platforms (such as Salesforce.com), existing on-premise applications (such as Microsoft SharePoint and ERP applications), an organization’s identity management system, and with parties outside the organization (such as vendors, customers, partners, suppliers, and franchisees). In fact, many of today's more valuable content applications work externally in collaboration with customers, partners, vendors, and others outside the organization. Why? Because cloud requires no special integration or programming to provide a secure space to share documents and get work done.

When deploying an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, the cloud model can provide tremendous advantages over traditional on-premise software implementations. To determine if the cloud model offers the best option for your business, SpringCM has developed five considerations that can help you frame your discussions, consider your options, and make your decision.

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