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In second place, the IT manager with an average salary of $94,000.

CyberCoders, a worldwide recruiting firm, has analyzed hiring statistics from a pool of more than 12,000 CyberCoders job listings to determine the top 10 tech jobs for 2011 — focusing on which job types offer the most open positions, career growth and compensation. CyberCoders finds that technical candidates often make more, are in higher demand, and have a better chance for career growth versus candidates who apply for marketing or health care positions.

Matt Miller, Chief Technology Officer of CyberCoders, says, “There is a resurgence of companies hiring tech candidates caused in part by industries which need to automate their business systems.” Miller says, “Automating business systems often results in an increased need for software engineers and technical specialty positions, especially among start-ups.” At the beginning of 2011, CyberCoders had more than 1,400 available positions in technology, up 196 percent from the previous year.

This slideshow highlights CyberCoders' top 10 technical positions for 2011 ranked by salary.

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