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The pressures of the recent recession and the attacks on CEO pay made many enjoy the role a lot less in the last couple of years, though they are recovering. Gartner analysts expect to see a rise in CEO turnover over the next 18 months as boards set out on new, post-recession, strategy directions. Most CEO appointments are internal, so that means these CEOs probably knew the last two CIOs. If their attitude toward IT is misguided, perhaps an opportunity was lost.

“We all want business leaders who are technology savvy and will work smartly with their CIOs to understand the promise of IT, properly invest in it, and lead the business in its full exploitation. Whose fault is it then, if we continue to see some CEOs who don't seem to understand, who dislike IT and who treat it more like an unavoidable overhead than a value creating tool,” Mr. Raskino asked.

“The 'great recovery' generation of CEOs will be put into position over the next five years. Those people are in CIO peer and peer-network positions right now,” Mr. Raskino said. “As a profession we can only reap what we sow. CIOs should identify the people around them most likely to rise to the top job and take time to help them in the late stages of their professional development. Teach, mentor, advise, persuade, support, nurture and generally cultivate the next business leader you hope to be working for.”

With the increased reliance on IT from business leaders, it’s important for CIOs to understand the concerns of CEOs and the implications they may have on IT. Gartner analysts have outlined the seven major concerns from CEOs that CIOs should address.

“Business leaders see very uncertain times ahead in 2011, and they must defend growth despite falling business and consumer confidence,” said Mark Raskino, vice president and Gartner Fellow.

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