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How about a premier certification? How about one of the most difficult certifications to obtain, CISCO’s CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert)? As of earlier this year, there are about 21,000 CCIEs across the world. Only one quarter of them are in the U.S. (about 5,600 CCIEs). China is next in place with 3,700. The next two countries with the most CCIEs are Japan, with approximately 1,200, and the UK with 1,100. The relatively low number isn’t surprising, as a candidate must demonstrate true expertise by passing multiple hands-on, lab examinations.

Compare Cisco’s CCIE population to the much larger number holding the vendor’s junior certification, the CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate). When Cisco last reported CCNA certification holders, the number exceeded 700,000. Sure, that includes expired cert holders, but the ratio is well past 30:1 in comparison to the CCIE.

How do you and your list of certifications stack up in other countries? Do you know what you’re missing if you want to be valuable in Seoul or London? How are Americans and their training perceived elsewhere? If you ever want to live overseas, these are questions you have to ask. There are enough (bad) excuses to not move abroad – don’t let your professional training be another.   

Jeff Parker takes a look at several well-known certifications in this slideshow. Some are vendor specific, e.g., Microsoft and Cisco. Some are by discipline, e.g., information security and project management. The point, Parker advises, is to be aware. Open your global mind, so you can make a smarter decision toward the next certification. You may be surprised, relieved or even impressed with yourself! And if you work it right, you can jump several steps in your career at once.

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