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Throughout all of these changes from Boston to San Francisco, the baggage has been lost. In Cincinnati, the baggage has mistakenly been placed on another flight to Los Angeles instead of the one to San Francisco.

  1. With an RPM solution – The airline is able to track the luggage and the passenger. While it may not be able to have it rerouted to San Francisco by the time the customer lands, it is able to control the situation by notifying the customer that the bag is in Los Angeles and that it will be on the next flight to San Francisco and delivered directly to the hotel before the end of the day. 
  2. Without an RPM solution – The customer waits at the baggage claim belt for their luggage to arrive. It doesn’t arrive, and the customer is already disgruntled when approaching the airline’s baggage desk. This frustration only increases when the customer is told by the airline to please wait until the bags arrive in San Francisco in a few hours.
  3. How this affects IT – An RPM solution enables the back-end systems for baggage and customer information to ‘talk’ to each other and proactively raise the issue of mishandled baggage so the customer can be contacted with the proposed solution without the customer identifying it first and then having to look things up manually. 

What is RPM? Responsive Process Management (RPM) allows an organization to sense and respond to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur, enabling these businesses to analyze and track what is about to happen as opposed to what has already happened.

For example, we can see RPM’s impact in routine activities such as flight operations management and customer experience within an airline. This slideshow will explain how an RPM solution benefits the airline by examining a scenario of traveling for a business meeting from Boston, connecting through Cincinnati, and landing in San Francisco.  Each situation will show a common event in air travel and describe the result if that airline has or does not have an RPM solution in place. Finally, it will illustrate what it could mean for the IT department.

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