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Some organizations assume that rebuilding a Notes application in SharePoint will require the same number of hours and lines of code that was needed to create it in Notes. This is far from the truth. The reality is much better: SharePoint allows you to do many things out of the box or via simple configuration that Notes developers had to build from scratch.

SharePoint 2010 offers many code-free development capabilities (in addition to all the new “big ticket” items, such as the Managed Metadata). One that will be particularly popular with Notes developers is the ability to specify simple input validation formulas for individual fields or for the document as a whole, including the messages that should be displayed if the tests fail. You can also add multi-level column indexes, specify which columns require unique values, and even enforce relational constraints between lists. Displaying content per-user or per-location is easier, and the new toolbar makes customizing pages and views easier as well.

Moreover, SharePoint Designer enables you to perform deeper design of your sites, without writing code. For instance, you can design your declarative workflows and define external lists. You can also perform more extensive page customizations, edit master pages, work with complex Web parts, add custom action buttons and much more. SharePoint Designer is now a free download for any developer or power user who wants to customize sites beyond what can be done in the browser, but still without writing code.

Over the past five years, many organizations have decided to abandon their legacy Lotus Notes/Domino environments and transition to a platform based on Microsoft collaboration technologies (Exchange Server, SharePoint and Office). Many of these organizations, though, have hesitated in tackling the most difficult part of this transition: migrating their applications from Notes to SharePoint. Some hesitate due to concerns about the cost of rebuilding their applications on SharePoint, while others worry whether SharePoint has all the capabilities that their applications would need.

Quest Software contends that the release of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010 has changed the situation dramatically, for two reasons. First, Microsoft added a great deal of functionality that directly targets the needs of enterprises migrating from Lotus Notes. Second, Microsoft significantly improved the tools for developing custom applications in SharePoint, thus reducing the time and cost required to rebuild applications.

This slideshow highlights 10 aspects of SharePoint 2010 identified by Quest Software that will change the game for enterprises of all sizes who want to use SharePoint to replace or enhance their Notes environments. The first six items are major platform and functionality improvements that Notes people should especially appreciate and that will change their thinking about how applications might be rebuilt. The last four items address improvements of particular interest to developers who want to rebuild the functionality of their Notes applications on SharePoint.

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