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Companies are quickly realizing that workplace experience isn’t the only factor to consider when hiring. Each generation – from Millennials (born after 1980), to Gen X’ers (born 1961 to 1980), and Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1961) – have a different work style and set of values. For example, Baby Boomers are known for their achievement-oriented, dedicated and career-focused personalities. They respect the hierarchy of the workplace. Gen X’ers are often categorized as independent, resourceful and self-sufficient and they embrace a hands-off management philosophy. Millennials, also referred to as Digital Natives, are the latest generation to enter the work force. As their nickname suggests, they grew up with digital technology and have a natural level of fluency. Companies are taking these generational traits into consideration when hiring and are increasingly turning to staffing agencies to hire Millennials when technology and communications are of specific importance.

Technology has turned marketing into a 24-hour business and consumer expectations around digital information delivery are increasing at warp speed. This challenging model is forcing consumer-centric organizations to rethink how they manage their creative teams.  FILTER, a digital solutions agency and a leader in creative staffing, has identified the five trends impacting hiring highlighted in this slideshow.

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