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IBM Deduplication Appliance

IBM has introduced a new deduplication appliance targeted at mid-sized businesses. The 2U-sized ProtecTIER TS7610 sits between an application server and a storage array, performing data deduplication to greatly improve storage utilization. The TS7610 in this case supports up to 12 1TB SATA disk drives for data storage.

Essentially a scaled-down version of higher-end, enterprise offerings from the ProtecTIER line of deduplication appliances, the TS7610 deploys the same deduplication technology to enable clients to store up to 25 times more backup data on disk. This compressed data has the added effect of reducing the network bandwidth by 95 percent, a critical trait that makes it possible to replicate large volumes of data across geographical locations for added robustness in terms of disaster recovery.

A variety of products created for small and medium-sized businesses have come on the market recently. Releases include everything from next-generation servers to security suites to hosted PBX VoIP. Paul Mah has written about many of these new releases, and we collected the best to highlight in this slideshow.

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