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Unlike desktop workstations or practically every laptop or netbook, the iPad's connectivity is wireless only. Wi-Fi is essentially the de facto connectivity option in just about every deployment scenario.

While Wi-Fi is generally easy to set up and use, SMBs need to consider it from a reliability and security point of view, followed by the appropriate application of mitigation strategies.  In fact, Paul wrote a couple of blogs on this topic, such as selecting the right Wi-Fi hardware for your SMB, and also on what SMBs need to know before deploying Wi-Fi.   In addition, David Callisch, VP of marketing of Ruckuss Wireless also contributed some pointers on common mistakes that SMBs make when deploying Wi-Fi.

Much has already been written about the Apple iPad and its suitability -- or not -- in business. As with every tool, a proper evaluation considers both its strengths and weaknesses. To help businesses that are considering integrating the iPad into their workflow, Paul Mah has highlighted five factors.

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