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Management software is now available with an eye toward improving energy consumption and automating many of the labor-intensive system oversight tasks in the enterprise.

For instance, IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) software stack is aimed at providing a full view of energy use in the data center. The package provides historical trending, current use analysis and forecasting, as well as automation functions for setting use thresholds.

Automated control of servers and storage systems are effective when data demands are relatively constant or follow predictable use patterns. Unpredictable environments cause the most trouble, though, and it's one of the niches that Cassatt has carved out for itself. The new release of the company's Active Response system features demand-based policies for real-time IT infrastructure control.

Energy-saving functions also are finding their way onto the operating-system level. The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 offers "CPU frequency scaling" through Intel's Dynamic Acceleration Technology. The system cuts power to idle cores and boosts the performance of active ones by overclocking them without overheating.


Whether it’s due to the rising cost of energy, the ever-increasing demand for more processing power, the need to extend the life of your existing data centers or concern for the environment, energy management within the data center is now a top three concern for IT executives.

Usually, talk of improving energy efficiency in the data center revolves around virtualization, consolidation and improved management of power and cooling systems. This is only natural considering hardware systems are what actually consume the energy.

But a growing number of voices are starting to question whether software should play a greater role in the green effort. After all, software drives the functioning of hardware, and the more cleanly and efficiently it can get the job done, the less stress is placed on physical resources.

This slideshow highlights ways software can be used to improve overall data center energy use, helping both the company’s bottom line and the environment.

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