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Malware such as viruses, worms and Trojans can lead to data theft and loss of intellectual property. More than 90 percent of  spam e-mails include hyperlinks, some of which may lead to malware being installed on a vulnerable PC. One particularly nasty type of attack is “Targeted Trojans.” P.31 of the MLI annual report for 2009 includes much more  detail on targeted Trojans. A multi-tiered approach can remove such threats at  each level of exposure, from filtering unwanted e-mails at the Internet before  being delivered to the inbox, to appliances at the gateway perimeter, which can monitor for certain patterns of activity and block unwanted traffic and generate alerts, and at the endpoint itself – the last line of defense.

Example: Huigezi – a Targeted Trojan dropped via PDF exploit. It spies on audio and video communications in addition to Web, e-mail, IM and others. It is most commonly used for industrial espionage.

Luis Corrons says on our Network Security Edge site:

Security experts estimate that Conficker, a particularly malicious worm, targeting MS Windows, has already infected more than 7 million computers around the world.
Last year, there was much hype that the Conficker worm would cause an April 1 meltdown, although security researchers said such fears were greatly exaggerated. Still, Symantec says the botnet could still "wreak havoc."
But worms are not the only threat out there. As IT Business Edge blogger Mike Vizard explains:

"The problem is that the way we approach data security these days is largely defined by the way IT sees the world, which is through layers of horizontal products and technologies. What IT doesn’t really have a handle on is what specific individuals have access to what kind of information because they are associated with a specific business process or task."
These are just some of the major threats that Symantec Hosted Services says are facing companies. Click through to view the top five security threats you should be on the lookout for.



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