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Does It Delete E-Mail?-6

Does It Delete E-Mail?


Most e-mail archiving vendors build products that want to store information forever, while most enterprises want to delete information in a timely fashion. The enterprise must win this argument or its e-mail challenges will become much, much worse.

A recent CompTIA survey revealed that e-discovery is expected to grow significantly in the coming months. Though respondents understand the importance of a comprehensive e-discovery strategy, many said they lack the expertise required to implement one.

As Recommind's Craig Carpenter has told our Lora Bentley in the past, e-discovery requirements are just one of the things a good e-mail archiving/records management system will address. As your company begins an e-mail archiving purchase or project, you should also make sure the system you choose can do everything you need it to do (real-time legal holds, deleting e-mail as appropriate).

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