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Unified Messaging (UM)

These solutions cull messages from various sources (typically voice mail, e-mail, SMS/texting and fax messages) so that users can access them from a single source (such as a laptop). Some UM solutions translate between one medium and another, e.g. convert voice mail to text or the reverse. Note that this term specifically excludes real-time services such as IM and chat.

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Download our Unified Communications Checklist from our Knowledge Network as an additional resource to help make your decision about UC.

Unified Communications is a rapidly changing category, as what once was a series of applications you deployed is becoming a series of services you buy.

Still, any UC system (either pure-play or hybrid) must be able to support some key business features. This quick slideshow walks you through seven of the most important features to look for in your UC solution. We compiled this information from our Unified Communications Checklist, which is available in our Knowledge Network. If you are considering UC for your business -- and you should -- be sure to download this great resource.


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