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You've gotta love Biznik's motto: 'Business networking thatdoesn't suck.' It builds communitiesbased in individual cities. Biznik focuses on independent businesses, butrejects those that require you to recruit others (network marketing). The sitedescribes it as '[a site] for sharing your ideas, not posting your resume. It's the place where real conversations aboutsmall business and entrepreneurship are taking place.' Free, with premiummemberships costing up to $24 a month. Note: Depending on where you live, youmay find that there is no Biznik community for your city-at the time weresearched this slideshow, there was no community for our hometown of Louisville, Ky., a top 50 market.

It may seem that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter get all the media love when it comes to social networking, but there is a wealth of sites out there to link business people with other like-minded folks. Most appeal to a niche of users, so you’re sure to find one for your particular need. As with all social-networking sites, the value comes from who else participates on the site and how actively. Most of the sites are free, but many charge for premium services (and many make it annoyingly difficult to find out the cost until you sign up!).


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