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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

I use a wireless mouse at my desk and on my laptop when out and about.The cord of a wired mouse has a nasty of habit of tangling up into an unsightly mess and gets in the way during presentations.One time-honed argument against a wireless mouse is the constant need to change batteries.However, I can attest that I'm averaging multiple months on each battery change - even with 10 to 12 hours of use a day.In fact, some claims about the newer wireless mice are that they work for more than a year, effectively making this a moot concern. The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 comes with BlueTrack technology that promises to work on a wide range of surfaces - from a wool rug to the polished veneer of your desktop -- while eliminating the need for a mouse pad.

In the midst of considering large-scale infrastructure upgrades or managing new server deployments, it's often the small things that matter when it comes to individual productivity. Hopefully, you're not still struggling with an unresponsive ball-mouse from the garage sale two years ago, or squinting at a flickering CRT display?

To help move things along, our Paul Mah has highlighted some must-have peripherals that he considers to be excellent tools for helping the SMB executive work more comfortably and efficiently. Nothing scientific here -- just Paul's favorites.

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