Brag on Your Best Users

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Brag on Your Best Users

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Our Ann All hasn’t kept her New Year’s resolution to embrace the company wiki, so she went out in search of pointers from our own teams of power wiki users here at IT Business Edge and other experts from across the Web. (You can read all of the great insights Ann has to share in her post – it’s well worth it.)

Ann even went so far as to ask one of our main wiki evangelists what we might have done differently at launch, and found that he wishes he'd focused more on basic wiki functionality when introducing the idea to different ITBE managers. Instead of promoting it as a place to contribute and share communal knowledge, he skipped ahead to the idea of adding possible plug-ins like calendars. A good approach would have been to come up with possible use cases for each department to illustrate the wiki's usefulness.

This slideshow is a quick run-through of pointers Ann culled out of her research, but again, we really encourage you to read the full post.