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6) Strong Reliance on Manual Process-7

6) Strong Reliance on Manual Process


Most IT organizations still not embracing enough automation.

The prevailing wisdom when it comes to most new operating systems from Microsoft is to wait for the first system pack update. After all, Microsoft has a reputation for not getting everything exactly right the first time out.

But with the launch of Windows 7, a survey conducted by KACE, a provider of systems management tools that is being acquired by Dell, finds that a huge percentage of the companies adopting this operating system are not waiting for a service pack from Microsoft before adopting the platform. Granted, hardly anybody is adopting Windows 7 across their entire organization, but there is enough momentum behind the platform to make it an accepted corporate standard within most IT organizations.

The survey of 923 IT organizations also finds that while customers still have concerns about application compatibility, the number of IT professionals that said they were concerned about performance and security issues is way down from late 2009.

Overall, these survey numbers suggest that the corporate comfort level with Windows 7 is rising rapidly.

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