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7. Invest in a Data Integration Platform-8

7. Invest in a Data Integration Platform


Time and time again, the experts say it's worth the investment. Philip Russom, senior manager of research and services at The Data Warehousing Institute, says a tool pays for itself quickly because it substantially reduces the time your six-figure programmer takes to code data integration from scratch. But these tools don't just simplify integration-they can help you with data governance and data quality as well.


Any data integration vendor will tell you, its No. 1 competitor is hand-coded integration. Our Loraine Lawson talked with IT leaders who say it's just simpler to write a few lines of code – they don't need a “data integration platform.” But how much do those few lines of code – and the problems they create later, when there's no documentation on the integration – cost them in the long run?

Sometimes, change can be worthwhile. The key is knowing what's worth pursuing and what's not. One way to tell the difference is to see what emerges time and again as a best-practice recommendation, from various sources. With that in mind, Loraine Lawson identified seven integration steps that experts say are worth the time and money. (For more on these pointers, be sure to check out Loraine's blog).


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