Quick Tips to Bolster Security in Your Organization

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Because wireless signals are omnidirectional, they necessitate the use of encryption to prevent other computers from listening in. There have been a number of schemes developed for Wi-Fi encryption over the years, namely WEP, WEP 2, WPA and WPA2. In a nutshell, the WEP and WEP 2 protocols are trivial to crack with tools that are freely available, with even WPA with the TKIP algorithm considered weak.

As such, only WPA with the AES algorithm and the WPA 2 protocols should still be used today. Moreover, it is highly recommended that businesses use a passcode that is longer than the minimum 8-character requirement – at least 20 characters would be ideal.

Paul has written extensively on the topic of deploying and harnessing Wi-Fi in his SMB Tech blog due to the pivotal role of wireless networking in BYOD (bring your own devices). Two recent blogs about wireless networking that you may want to read up on are Why it makes sense for SMBs to deploy 802.11n Wi-Fi and Upgrading your Wi-Fi network to 802.11n.

Small businesses often find themselves in the unenviable position of not having IT employees who are trained in security matters. This puts them in a vulnerable position to hackers, who may exploit weaknesses that would have been immediately obvious to someone in the know.

Recently, Paul Mah highlighted some recurrent mistakes that he sees being made by SMBs. If they apply to your organization, acting on his recommendations should serve to bolster the overall security of your organization.


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