Nine Email Scandals that Underscore the Need for Proper Archiving

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New Jersey Governor's Office

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie became embroiled in a political scandal because of emails sent by his top aides.

In 2013, New Jersey saw some of the worst traffic jams due to two of three access lanes being closed on the George Washington Bridge. According to the Port Authority, the lanes were closed for a traffic study. The traffic prevented students from getting to school as well as emergency services from arriving at medical emergencies. However, correspondences between Deputy Chief of Staff, Bridget Ann Kelly, and David Wildstein, former Port Authority official, surfaced showing that there was ill intent behind the traffic jam. In one email, Kelly writes, "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" to Wildstein, who responds "Got it." Three weeks later, Wildstein sends an email to Kelly that says, "I'll call you Monday AM to let you know how Fort Lee goes."

In addition, Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich sends an email asking for help with the traffic, mentioning that children can't get to school. Wildstein replies, "They are the children of Buono voters," referring to Christie's Democratic opponent for governor, Barbara Buono.

Once the emails and text messages were revealed, Kelly was fired and went to court to fight the subpoenas for documents on the lane closures on the bridge. Wildstein was found guilty of contempt after refusing to answer questions during an Assembly hearing. Ultimately, this led to a distrust of the Christie office.

It's critical for organizations to easily access documents, emails and even text messages. If those forms of information are deleted without being properly preserved, they could be lost forever. This poses an issue when a company needs to provide these records to aid regulatory compliance, a legal suit or an employee dispute.

There have been countless examples of how an archiving system has impacted a company, both negatively and positively. Being able to easily access archived documents, emails and messages takes the guesswork out of certain situations and will ultimately protect your company if used correctly. Greg Arnette, founder and CTO, Sonian, a pioneer in cloud-powered archiving, has identified nine situations in which having records accessible, or not having records accessible, has largely affected companies and employees.


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