Latest Cybersecurity Crisis: Where's the Talent?

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Redefining Teams

Redefine roles and team needs.

The security landscape is changing, and with it come changing needs for roles on the team. Some of the most successful teams Johnson has met are doing things with a slight twist. Almost all security hires are more like programmers, because right now the ability to leverage vendor APIs and tie information together is in high demand. Being able to write a few lines of code to filter out some of the events you're seeing, generate customized alerts that are more easily digestible or pull in custom context and threat intelligence are some of the key reasons to have programmers on your security team.

Beyond that, think outside the box. Look to bring in financial analysts as security analysts, because these individuals are skilled at critical thinking, looking at data and patterns and leveraging multiple technologies to help reach a conclusion. Or perhaps, look to someone with a background in venture capitalism, who can bridge the language barrier between technologists and the business leaders internally to help everyone have a unified level of understanding.

One of the biggest challenges in the cybersecurity field is that there aren't enough qualified experts to manage the volume of attacks, alerts, audits, incident response drills, infrastructure upgrades and compliance reports. And that's not even getting into threat hunting or risk hunting. So, how do we get more skilled workers and white hats on board to fight the growing number of bad guys out there?

According to Ben Johnson, chief security strategist, Bit9 + Carbon Black, steps are being taken to make improvements – technology (in some situations) helps automate things, reducing the amount of human interaction needed, programs to incentivize entrance into the information security field are being formed, mainstream exposure in the entertainment industry, such as the movie Black Hat and the TV show CSI: Cyber, increases the "cool" factor, etc. However, the industry still has an urgent need for technology professionals, analytical thinkers and engineers. For those looking to get into a market that's currently red hot, and those looking to refresh their perspective, Johnson has identified some tips to keep in mind.


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