Four Best Practices for Accelerating Time-to-Value of Master Data Management

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Finding just the right starting point for MDM is critical to getting it off the ground. You want to get executive buy-in for your project, and you want to start producing value before that buy-in wears off, or executive sponsors move on. Start by picking a clearly delineated area that is causing a current business pain, and make sure the scope is reasonable and achievable within weeks – months at most.

Once the MDM project successfully delivers the anticipated returns, its expansion will become obvious. With this approach, however, you should always keep in mind the “big picture” and ensure that you are not building a disposable project, but a foundational one that will allow you to add to it over time.

Master data management (MDM) has become recognized as a key way for businesses to gain consistent and valuable insight on data, usually distributed across applications and systems. While the anticipated benefits of MDM are usually clear, a number of factors must be considered to implement an effective MDM program, ensuring actual success and return on investment. Talend has identified four best practices for accelerating successful returns on an MDM initiative.


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