Five Ways to Realize Server Room Profitability

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As heat is generated only by devices that are running, there is much money to be saved by powering down devices when they no longer need to be running. This can be very difficult to do when you’re not in the building. For businesses that don’t need all engines going 24/7, a power distribution unit (PDU) provides the option to safely shut down certain machines at the times of your choosing, and the most advanced models give you full programmability by each individual outlet. PDUs can be fully software integrated into your system for easy and full control of your entire power situation. Even better, an efficiently managed PDU will pay for itself in a few short years.

Solar power is also an option that is becoming very popular. Though expensive to install, solar systems will pay for themselves in a few years. To add even more safety to your investment, the photovoltaic batteries they use are generally guaranteed for a quarter of a century. The only downside is that the availability of solar energy depends completely on the weather. So, Tucson is probably a much better place to harness solar power than Seattle.

With servers responsible for storing and distributing data among employees and customers alike, they are the backbone of just about every modern business. Of course, this type of mission-critical power comes at a cost, but if you strategize your server farm with a budget-boosting mindset, you can realize great cost savings in the long run without sacrificing efficiency or performance. Paul Stennetti, product specialist at CableOrganizer.com, has identified five ways to squeeze more ROI out of your server room.


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